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Naked On The New York Subway

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Fleshlight Hump

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Straight Ex-Con Cock Service

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Bryan Hawn Wiggles His “Big Fat Butt” In Jason Derulo Parody

BJ In Bathroom Between Classes

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Julian Serrano Twerks To J.Lo’s ‘Booty’

Shuddering Orgasm

Bryan Hawn’s Shark In The Water Parody

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Champion Snooker Player Mark Selby Has Some Major Junk In The Trunk


We’re not quite sure what snooker is—we know its kinda like pool but has more balls (tee-hee). We also know that champion snooker player Mark Selby has one of the most beautiful backsides on God’s Green Earth. Seriously—Chris Meloni should just give up now.

Check out some gifs of these gorgeous glutes below.

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Mom Walks In On Young Bodybuilder In Thong


Kieren “Flex” Billen, 19, was minding his own business, throwing down some bodybuilding poses in nothing but a thong for his YouTube channel. Before the fantasies of his millions of fans could fully form, however, his adorable mom interrupted the show, leading to an awkward situation for the both of them.

Though Kieren has labeled his mom walking in as the “bodybuilding fail” here, the real fail is filming an otherwise popcorn-worthy moment in portrait mode.

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Under The Dome star Alexander Koch in Interview Magazine

img-alexander-koch_114855868196 (1)

If you watch CBS’s Under the Dome, you know Alexander Koch as Junior, a handsome, insecure, semi-psychotic small-town boy with some serious parent issues. For an actor like Koch who is just starting out, it’s a pretty plum part—the series is, after all, based on a novel by Stephen King and produced by Steven Spielberg. Prior to getting cast as Junior Koch, who is originally from Michigan and attended DePaul University, appeared in a couple of shorts and one episode of the MTV series Underemployed.

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‘Gladiators’ Star David McIntosh Strips Down For ‘Attitude’


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Bianca Del Rio Pulls Down James Franco’s Pants @ Broadway Bares

Broadway Bares: Rock Hard! lit up the Great White Way last night, when more than 150 sinfully hot chorus boys and girls strut their stuff and stripped off their skimpy costumes to raise money for AIDS research and education.

Our favorite moment, though, was RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio reading Of Mice and Men star James Franco onstage (above). “Don’t you know who I am?” Franco demanded before Bianca made him drop his pants for a thorough “background check.” Franco must have known what was coming, as he was sporting a black jockstrap under his jeans.

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Draining Daddy

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 6.33.10 PM

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Jason Biggs Almost Nude On Twitter

American Pie and Orange Is The New Black hottie Jason Biggs took to Twitter to help promote his wife’s book I Like You Just The Way I Am


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